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How to show all dice automatically in Foundry VTT

The default for foundry VTT dice rolls is to only show the dice total and then unfold the view on click. This is not desirable for a lot of systems. There are several ways to change this as a user, with a macro and with a server module. Macro Use a script macro like this.„How to show all dice automatically in Foundry VTT“ weiterlesen


installing foundryvtt on uberspace

Foundry Virtual Tabletop is an Alternative to Roll20 and maptool and many other platforms that enable you to play tabletop role playing games online.Foundry is not free software, but you can host it on your own server. In this example I will use the very good hoster from Germany uberspace. This post is not sponsored„installing foundryvtt on uberspace“ weiterlesen

Puzzle Workshop: hiding text in a maze

I enjoy puzzles and riddles quite a lot. That is why I when I why run a game as a Dungeon Master or game master, I also include puzzles. One puzzle I came up with for one of my adventures was information hidden in a maze. I prepared this little video tutorial for you to„Puzzle Workshop: hiding text in a maze“ weiterlesen

one death in Grangor – supplements

after a long time of putting it off I finally decided to translate my supplement for the „one death in Grangor“ adventure. It is one of my favorite adventures that I have run for the dark I so far. -It’s a little bit Gangs of New York and Wolf of Wall Street at the same„one death in Grangor – supplements“ weiterlesen

5 things you did not know about medieval towns

1. there is no medieval town Many will assume that „middle ages“-village or medieval town is a reasonable concept. It is not. The middle ages stretch roughly from 500-1500 AD. Also the planet is big. I will only talk about Germany, because that is what I researched. It was not until 1100AD before the development„5 things you did not know about medieval towns“ weiterlesen