one death in Grangor – supplements

after a long time of putting it off I finally decided to translate my supplement for the „one death in Grangor“ adventure.

the adventure on drivethrough rpg

It is one of my favorite adventures that I have run for the dark I so far. -It’s a little bit Gangs of New York and Wolf of Wall Street at the same time. It is set in a city called Grangor inspired by the Hanse Mercantile Empire , it reminds you of Hamburg or Amsterdam. But there is also Venice in Grangor with all the channels. There is a murder mystery and stock speculation and bad investments. A really great detective adventure I wholeheartedly recommend it.

you can download my supplement in the scriptorium aventuris. it contains not only a timeline of the complicated events of this great detective adventure but also a list of all Suspects and other non-player characters dad appear in the adventure I also made quite a few handouts that will hopefully make for a better experience for your players. For example 1 newspaper with information about the city. And even tickets for the Opera. I also decided to put it on for free because there is so little content on the English version of scriptorium.

get the document on drivethru rpg

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