Puzzle Workshop: hiding text in a maze

I enjoy puzzles and riddles quite a lot. That is why I when I why run a game as a Dungeon Master or game master, I also include puzzles. One puzzle I came up with for one of my adventures was information hidden in a maze. I prepared this little video tutorial for you to„Puzzle Workshop: hiding text in a maze“ weiterlesen

the Elemental Ink Pen is a ripoff – a cheap alternative

Recently a shop called „the shop of many things„(secure archive.org link) started to aggressive advertise on Facebook and Instagram for their tabletop RPG related products. And by „their products“ I mean stuff they let other people ship to their customers directly from china („drop shipping“). Everything they sell is highly overpriced. The alternative – the„the Elemental Ink Pen is a ripoff – a cheap alternative“ weiterlesen

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