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one death in Grangor – supplements

after a long time of putting it off I finally decided to translate my supplement for the „one death in Grangor“ adventure. It is one of my favorite adventures that I have run for the dark I so far. -It’s a little bit Gangs of New York and Wolf of Wall Street at the same„one death in Grangor – supplements“ weiterlesen


5 things you did not know about medieval towns

1. there is no medieval town Many will assume that „middle ages“-village or medieval town is a reasonable concept. It is not. The middle ages stretch roughly from 500-1500 AD. Also the planet is big. I will only talk about Germany, because that is what I researched. It was not until 1100AD before the development„5 things you did not know about medieval towns“ weiterlesen

Rules-Reference-Generator for the dark eye

Some time ago I made a tool for the German version of role playing game „the dark eye“ to create quick rules cheat-sheets for characters. A simple overview of all spells,special abilities and the like. I now made an English version as well: Available in Scriptorium Aventuris (drive-through rpg) I found the tool quite usefull,„Rules-Reference-Generator for the dark eye“ weiterlesen

free character sheets for the dark eye

if you are just looking for a free pdf, here you go: Your best option to make a character for the dark eye in English is currently the free Optolith hero generator . If you just want English character sheets you had to either buy the pretty pdf on drivethrough or print the ones from„free character sheets for the dark eye“ weiterlesen

the Elemental Ink Pen is a ripoff – a cheap alternative

Recently a shop called „the shop of many things„(secure link) started to aggressive advertise on Facebook and Instagram for their tabletop RPG related products. And by „their products“ I mean stuff they let other people ship to their customers directly from china („drop shipping“). Everything they sell is highly overpriced. The alternative – the„the Elemental Ink Pen is a ripoff – a cheap alternative“ weiterlesen