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How to show all dice automatically in Foundry VTT

The default for foundry VTT dice rolls is to only show the dice total and then unfold the view on click. This is not desirable for a lot of systems. There are several ways to change this as a user, with a macro and with a server module.


Use a script macro like this. This one shows 3d20 in Chat.

let diceroll1 = new Roll('1d20').roll().total;
let diceroll2 = new Roll('1d20').roll().total;
let diceroll3 = new Roll('1d20').roll().total;

content: `
<div class="dice-roll">
    <div class="dice-result">
        <div class="dice-tooltip" style="display: block;">
    <section class="tooltip-part">
        <div class="dice">
            <ol class="dice-rolls">
                <li class="roll die d20 min">${diceroll1}</li>
                <li class="roll die d20">${diceroll2}</li>
                <li class="roll die d20 max">${diceroll3}</li>

        <h4 class="dice-total"> ${diceroll1} ${diceroll2} ${diceroll3}</h4>

Make sure to select script in the macro options.

unfold a dice rolls as a User

If you are only a user, or you don’t want to change the default, you can use a plugin like Stylus with a custon css


Click on the S icon of the Plugin when your are on your foundry URL. Then on „add style to this URL“ add the style code below:

.dice-roll .dice-tooltip {
	display: block !important;

Save that style. That is all. You can turn the style on and off at any time in the plugins menu.

Module to always unfold the dice rolls

This module from Reddit overrides the default system wide.

Create those two files in a folder called.- always-show-rolls . Then place it in the module’s directory.


	"name": "always-show-rolls",
	"description": "Show rolls",
	"title": "Always Show Rolls",
	"version": "1.0.0",
	"minimumCoreVersion": "0.4.5",
	"author": "Azzurite#2004",
	"scripts": [],
	"styles": [
	"packs": []


.dice-roll .dice-tooltip {
	display: block !important;

that’s all.


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