free „Print and Play“ games for your campaign

A classic Indonesian game, called permainan

The wonderful ocastudios released more than a dozen free games for print and play use under public domain. These are very pretty pdfs that you can print at home with diy instructions to craft your own game set. This is great for us Game Masters because it is very unlikely that there is any culture that doesn’t develop games. So we really should include games into our worldbuilding. But just changing the theme of a game and using traditional chess or other games might break the immersion. But Ocastudios has games from all over the world. This is of course a very nice resource even when you’re not playing tabletop RPG games likes Dungeons and Dragons. There is the traditional chess, poker and backgammon but there’s also games from other cultures that will probably introduce you and your players to something new. I have never before heard of the maori game of Mu Torere, for example.

Go and download the games for free at

Oca Studios even has a free royal game of ur in stock for you. the oldest known game in the world.

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