free character sheets for the dark eye

if you are just looking for a free pdf, here you go:

first page of Character sheet. it’s a low res screenshot

Your best option to make a character for the dark eye in English is currently the free Optolith hero generator . If you just want English character sheets you had to either buy the pretty pdf on drivethrough or print the ones from the core rules , a scan of which is available at ulisses us as direct download until now. For the German edition you can easily get a PDF with white background as a direct download. I don’t understand why this is not the case for the English edition of „the dark eye“, they clearly made a translated version (it’s in the core rules after all) , so removing the background seems trivial to me. So I changed translated the German PDF for all players to download directly without signing up at drive-throu rpg. I did, however, upload it there as well.

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